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Privacy Statement: We recognize that the relationship we have with our customers and clients is our most important asset. That relationship is based on mutual trust and each client’s confidence in JFS Wealth Advisors, LLC. An essential component of that relationship is the commitment that we make to protect personal information relating to each client and to each client’s individual financial information. Since we understand each client’s desire to protect privacy, we will not disclose personal information to any party except when required by law, when the client has provided us with specific written direction, or when such disclosure is integral to the provision of investment or other financial services. Under no circumstances will JFS Wealth Advisors, LLC sell client information to anyone.

Information Collection and Maintenance

In the course of establishing and maintaining client relationships, it is usually necessary for us to collect nonpublic personal information. Examples of the kind of information collected and maintained include: information provided on questionnaires, account applications, tax returns, or other forms; information about investment transactions with us, our affiliates, or others; reports generated as output from our processes or from third parties such as custodians or service providers and maintained as record for the accounts. While this information is available internally, it is used solely to service our customers and clients. We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about our clients or former clients to anyone unless one or all of the following conditions are met: written consent has been received from the customer or client; JFS Wealth Advisors, LLC is required by law to provide such information; we believe that the client has identified in writing the recipient of any information to be his or her authorized representative; the recipient provides services to the client essential to completion of financial services or advice; or as allowed by law.

JFS is an affiliate of Focus Financial Partners, LLC. We and other affiliates of Focus share certain of our customers’ personal information with an unaffiliated third party for the purpose of aggregating it and providing summary information based on this data to our parent company, Focus.

Information Safeguarding

To fulfill our privacy commitment to customers and clients, JFS Wealth Advisors, LLC has taken certain steps to ensure that all nonpublic personal information is protected. Access to client information is restricted to employees, subcontractors and other parties requiring the information to provide our customers and clients with the best services or advice. Our employees are required annually to read our confidentiality policy and Code of Ethics and to sign the documents as proof that they understand and appreciate their significance. A breach of our confidentiality policy constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal. Confidentiality clauses are resident in the contracts governing our business relationship with outside service providers requiring client information. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that meet federal and/or state standards to guard our customers’ and clients’ nonpublic personal information.

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