Our Story

The JFS Story

The JFS Story


Founded in 1986 in Hermitage, PA, before fiduciary financial advice was a thing.

For over 35 years we've been our clients' first call as they encounter victories and setbacks, births and deaths, marriages and divorces, career changes and retirement. We've always been dedicated to helping them achieve success, however they defined it.


Your Story is
Our Story.

We employ in-house experts in financial planning, investments, business growth and transitions, tax strategies and compliance, and business retirement plan services. You’re backed by a full-service team of credentialed advisors with a bench of talent that ensures continuity and longevity in our client relationships.

A Powerful Synergy

Focus Financial

JFS Wealth Advisors is part of the Focus Financial Partners, LLC (Focus LLC) partnership.

Focus LLC also owns other registered investment advisers, broker-dealers, pension consultants, insurance firms, business managers, and other firms (the Focus Partners), providing services to individuals, families, employers, and institutions. Some Focus Partners also manage or advise limited partnerships, private funds, or investment companies as disclosed on their respective Form ADVs.

As part of the Focus partnership, we can help clients obtain access to insurance solutions from unaffiliated, third-party insurance brokers and access to credit solutions through unaffiliated, third-party banking institutions.

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