Investment Approach

Grounded in evidence-based principles, designed for the long term, and informed by each client’s goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, JFS Wealth Advisors’ investment approach centers on the time-tested principles of low costs, low turnover, broad global diversification, and tax efficiency. These principles are at the heart of our research, process, and portfolios.
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Investment Philosophy

Acclaimed academic research backed by real-world experience has shown that certain factors have, over time, generated return premiums compared to broad global stock markets. This research is reflected in the JFS core portfolio construction when using Dimensional Fund Advisors investments, designed to capture these premiums with tax efficiency and consistency over time.

What are some key investment principles that can improve your odds of success? View our Pursuing a Better Investment Experience guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

All of our client portfolios are overseen and continually monitored by the JFS Investment Committee. Investment due diligence is ongoing and consists of empirical research from external sources, internal research, monthly committee meetings, and industry conferences and seminars. We also consider interest rates and economic environments.

The JFS Investment Committee is comprised of senior members of the firm including the Chief Investment Officer, both Co-Chief Executive Officers, and no less than two Wealth Advisors. The Committee meets monthly, or more frequently as necessary, to conduct and review asset allocation, individual holdings, suitability, and performance. Reviews of holdings used for client portfolios are performed by the Investment Committee on at least a quarterly basis and continually, as needed, based on changes in individual positions.
For stocks and bonds, the analysis generally includes a review of:

  • The issuer’s management;
  • The amount and volatility of past profits or losses;
  • The issuer’s assets and liabilities, as well as any material changes from historical norms;
  • Prospects for the issuer’s industry, as well as the issuer’s competitive position within that industry;
  • Credit ratings;
  • Income potential; and
  • Any other factors considered relevant.

For mutual funds and ETFs, the analysis generally includes a review of:

  • The fund’s management team;
  • The fund’s historical risk and return characteristics;
  • The fund’s exposure to sectors and individual issuers;
  • The fund’s fee structure;
  • The fund’s management style;
  • The fund’s investment philosophy;
  • The fund’s total assets under management;
  • The fund’s style consistency;
  • The fund’s risk adjusted performance relative to peers;
  • The fund’s regulatory oversight; and
  • Any other factors considered relevant.
JFS assists retirement plan sponsors with investment fiduciary services like initial due diligence and investment screening, selections of Dimensional Fund Advisors, Vanguard, and other quality mutual funds, creating low-cost, diversified managed portfolio models, and ongoing monitoring. Similar to our investment approach for individuals and families, we will develop and maintain an Investment Policy Statement establishing the investment policies and objectives for the Plan, setting forth the asset classes and investment categories offered under the Plan, and providing the criteria and standards for selecting and monitoring such assets.


Meet the Investment Team

Science, not speculation

As investment fiduciaries, we always put the client’s interest first. We document each client’s recommended investment plan in a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that we monitor and review continuously and amend should your financial picture or needs change.

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