Client Experience

What to Expect as a JFS Client

At JFS, we put you at the center of an individualized, dynamic financial plan. Here’s our Client Experience pledge to you. We will:

  • Proactively provide thoughtful advice and respond to your needs quickly.
  • Always be your fiduciary, and have your best interests be our compass and guide our advice.
  • Communicate the truth as we know and understand it.
  • Vigilantly protect and secure your personal information and privacy.
  • Seek your feedback on how to better service and assist you.
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Science, Not Speculation

JFS Wealth Advisors’ investment strategies are built around the knowledge that financial markets are efficient in determining reasonable asset valuations over the long run. The time tested principles of low costs, low turnover, broad global diversification, and tax efficiency, are at the heart of our research, process, and portfolios.


Proven Process

Let's get to know each other and see if JFS is a good fit for you.

We will schedule no-cost, no-obligation 15-minute introductory meeting with JFS, where we will welcome you, learn more about who you are, and discuss your most pressing financial concerns.

If we're a good fit, and we think we will be, we'll address your most pressing concerns in our discovery meeting and get your financial plan started.

Our Discover step will seek to understand Your Story — Past, Present, & Future:

  • Your life’s purpose and passion
  • Your life’s evidence of success
  • Your business
  • Your future goals

Once you have signed on as a client, we'll take a look at your entire financial picture. That may include broad areas like:

Personal Investment Accounts
Cash Flow Planning
Estate Planning
Insurance Review
Real Estate Holdings / Private Investments

Our Plan step will be focused on the the journey ahead, as you stock your travel bag with necessary tools, we will:

  • Build financial projection models
  • Discuss and agree on alternatives, priorities, and tradeoffs
  • Address risks and contingency plans
  • Take early actions to manage risk


Now you have an integrated financial plan to match your goals an and investment policy to set the path forward.

Time to get to work. In the first 90 days we will address your most pressing priorities or concerns, using our goals-based financial planning software to help you make smarter decisions about your financial life or investments.

Our Implement step will focus on the brass tacks as we put into place all of our fiduciary recommendations, and you settle in for our journey together:

  • Review and agree on priorities
  • Decide on recommendations and actions
  • Begin action and implementation work

Our first few meetings will help put your plan in place, implement your portfolio, and take a 360-degree look at everything from retirement to tax to college planning. From there, we will check in on a regular cadence, and you can expect to hear from us every quarter, when major market events occur, or when a planning opportunity arises.

Our Review step is all about your journey's progress, and the periodic maintenance and repair stops to keep you moving forward:

  • Compare results with plan
  • Discuss and incorporate plan changes or detours
  • Adjust roadmap as needed – alternatives, recommendations, priorities, and implementation

During your first year as a client, our team will drive the process and let you know where you are on the path to reaching your goals and what could be done better. The financial planning process is iterative — we don’t just set it and forget it. Our wealth management professionals continually work on your financial plan, proactively reviewing opportunities around using lower-cost funds in your portfolio, minimizing taxes, or even helping you accelerate the value of your private business for a sale.

As different life stages emerge, we’re there to revisit your goals, bring in specialized team members, and collaborate with your extended advisory team, like outside CPAs or attorneys. We mean it when we say we want you to feel understood, informed, and empowered.

Our Improve step is an ongoing process that gathers feedback and adjusts your plan or investments as needed:

  • Engage in ongoing feedback process
  • Enhance your client experience over time
  • Achievement of your dreams is always our plan


Your Best Interests, Always

Fiduciary Standard

JFS utilizes a fiduciary practices resource called Fi360, which defines standards to help govern investment research, choices, and ongoing oversight. As investment fiduciaries, we always put the client’s interest first. Each client’s recommended investment plans are documented in a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that is reviewed, maintained, and amended should the client’s situation and needs change.


A Closer Look at the Lifetime Planning Continuum®

As your age and income progress, different wealth management components become more or less significant. Our comprehensive approach is truly customized to your needs and addresses key personal financial planning disciplines.

Essential components of a sound financial plan:

  • Goal Planning: defining your desired destination, and how your money gets you there
  • Investments: customizing and monitoring portfolios to capture market opportunities and mitigate risk
  • Risk Management: protecting your hard-earned assets for today and the years to come
  • Tax Planning: maximizing asset growth and minimizing tax burdens by utilizing effective and timely strategies
  • Estate Planning: ensuring your hard-earned wealth creates your envisioned family legacy

Trust, accountability, and no surprises.

Before you sign on the dotted line, we will establish a written plan that outlines our process and approach, detailing what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it. Your advisory team will guide you through the financial impact of the various options available so you can make the best possible decisions for you and your family (or your business or employees!).

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