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At JFS, we deliver full-service wealth management and integrated financial planning services for individuals & families building and protecting wealth, readying for and in retirement, or transitioning wealth to the next generations.

Our Personal and Family Wealth Services

Financial Planning

When planning for your financial future, age, income, and assets are only parts of the equation. Maximize your employee benefits, save for your child's college education, and determine if you're on track for goals like buying a house, funding a vacation, or starting that dream business.

Wealth Management

You want your financial plan to help minimize taxes & your retirement to integrate with your investment strategy. Wealth advice means proactive, advanced planning, dedicated in-house expertise when you need it, and working with your CPA, attorney or insurance professional to bring your financial life together.

Retirement Planning

Your retirement is too important to handle alone. Delegate the planning & investments to JFS and allow our advisors to assess your retirement readiness, help minimize taxes, consider Roth conversions, plan for Medicare & healthcare costs, and guide you on when to claim Social Security.

Tax Planning

Taxes can quickly erode potential returns. JFS tax specialists work year-round to ensure portfolios are tax-smart, filings are on time & in compliance, and identify opportunities to optimize distributions, Roth conversions, charitable giving, and for issues like ESOP vesting, net unrealized appreciation, & estate taxes.

Investment Management

Customized portfolios to capture market opportunities & mitigate risk. Investments are designed for the long term & informed by clients' goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. The time-tested principles of low costs, low turnover, broad global diversification, & tax efficiency are at the heart of our investment management and research, so wealth builders can keep more of what they earn.

Estate Planning and Trusts

Navigate the complexities of preserving family wealth with a well-designed estate plan, gift strategy, and trust solutions. Align your family's initiatives and ensure your legacy's intent with the coordination of assets or interests, incorporation of life insurance or buy-sell agreements, and in-house expertise on estate tax strategies and setting up the next generation for success, including trustee solutions by our fiduciaries.

Risk Management

Ensure you have the right insurance coverage to protect your most valuable assets & your family. Risk management is part of a broader wealth management plan, so we make sure you understand life & disability insurance needs, when they might benefit you, & different life events like getting married, parenthood, or climbing the corporate ladder. Additionally, preserve wealth with planning around long-term care & healthcare costs in retirement.

Charitable Giving

Establish your charitable giving strategy by defining your giving plan, conducting due diligence on charities, and quantifying how to make gifts and whether to use a Donor Advised Fund or sophisticated vehicles like a charitable remainder annuity trust (CGA), charitable gift annuity (CRAT), charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT), or others. Minimize liabilities by considering estate tax and gift exclusions around your philanthropy.

Liquidity Planning & Concentrated Wealth

If you've sold your business or a big piece of real estate, you probably wonder what's next. And if your compensation package includes employee stock options, restricted stock units, deferred compensation, or executive bonuses — you're probably wondering what now. JFS wealth advisors specialize in assisting professionals, executives, and business owners with tax planning considerations around equity compensation packages and benefit structures.

Family Wealth Services

JFS provides full-service financial management for ultra-high-net-worth families that goes far beyond fiduciary wealth and investment consulting. We personalize our suite of services to your specs or depth of sophistication, including family office solutions, estate planning & gifts, management of trusts & other family entities, philanthropic planning & charitable vehicles, governance, tax prep, and personal accounting solutions like bookkeeping, bill pay, and real-time cash flow monitoring.

For over 35 years we've been our clients' first call as they encounter victories and setbacks, births and deaths, marriages and divorces, career changes and retirement. We've always been dedicated to helping them achieve success, however they defined it.

Wealth Advisor Services for Family. Business. Legacy.

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