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Whether you’re seeking practical tips for everyday money management or in-depth analyses of planning opportunities & market events, we’re here to help you navigate the complex world of personal finance from building wealth, to strengthening & preserving it, to entering the golden years of retirement.

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Think of the most important professional relationships in your life: your physician, your CPA, your attorney (if you have one), or even the mechanic you depend on to fix your car when something is wrong with it. What is the most important quality shared by your dealings with all these people? Very likely, that quality can be summed up in one word: trust.

Consider a hypothetical couple: we’ll call them Walter and Noreen. They have an estate valued at about $13 million, which they hope to ultimately pass on to their three children and six grandchildren. In 2017, when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was passed, they breathed a big sigh of relief, because the new, higher estate tax exemption (in 2018, $22.36 million for married couples) made it significantly less likely that their heirs would have to pay estate taxes in the event of Walter and Noreen’s passing.

2024 Retirement Accounts Limits

Keeping up to date on the latest information regarding retirement is part of what we do. Below outlines the 2024 retirement limits and what they mean for your retirement planning.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who led the nation through the misery of the Great Depression and the perils of World War II, is credited with the saying, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” In fact, countless words have been written and spoken in an attempt to try and capture the essence of the world’s oceans and their hold on our imagination. They can be calm and serene one day and lashed with dangerous waves the next.

As we enter the final quarter of calendar year 2023, it’s time once again to review your income situation for the year and make plans related to filing your return next April. And for some taxpayers, the passage of SECURE 2.0, late last year, may also factor into your tax planning.

Launching in October 2023: Exit Planning Institute Pittsburgh Chapter  Exit planning is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing industries due to the staggering number of baby

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