Launching in May 2024: Exit Planning Institute Mahoning-Shenango Valley Chapter

Launching in May 2024: Exit Planning Institute Mahoning-Shenango Valley Chapter

Exit planning is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries due to the staggering number of baby boomer business owners set to transition their businesses over the next five to ten years. To ensure local owners achieve their goals, a collaborative group of Mahoning-Shenango Valley leaders are coming together to launch a chapter that educates the marketplace on business growth and transition.

Youngstown, OH – The Exit Planning Institute™, in cooperation with a collaborative team of top advisors and leaders from the Mahoning-Shenango Valley marketplace, are joining forces to launch the Exit Planning Institute Mahoning-Shenango Valley Chapter on May 22, 2024 hosted at Avalon Country Club – Squaw Creek, 761 Youngstown Kingsville Rd SE #8615, Vienna, OH 44473. This local chapter is different than many other networking professional organizations in the market. The EPI Chapter is cross-functional, meaning it attracts and engages advisors, experts, thought leaders, media, and business owners from diverse backgrounds. These leaders engage in exit planning and value acceleration education that assists in the continuity of the local marketplace and improves the success rates for transitioning businesses as owners look towards their future.

As evident in the vast amount of recent research studies, including the State of Owner Readiness Survey, the U.S. landscape is set to transition six million businesses over the next 5-10 years. Baby boomer business owners are reaching retirement at a rapid rate, and these same owners own 66% of all companies in the United States of America. According to recent research conducted by EPI, most baby boomer owners have not accounted for their ultimate exit transition. Statistics show that only two out of ten businesses on the market sell. Without proper planning, owners run the risk of getting a lower price for their business than they need, or even worse, they fail to sell at all.

There is growth occurring in the Mahoning-Shenango Valley area, through economic development efforts, which is beginning to bring in significantly sized companies that will create talent shortages and challenges for private companies and family-owned businesses.  In addition, the boomer and GenX generations have a significant number of successful businesses in the community which are beginning to and will continue to need competent advisors to assist them in successful transitions of their businesses (for the continued health and prosperity of the community).

There is a relative absence of a common voice / organization that has the mission to raise awareness and competence around exit planning in the markets, and along with the Regional Chamber of Commerce, we saw a need and opportunity to leverage the EPI / CEPA brands in the marketplace.  We also need to raise the level of competence in the advisor community to focus on planning for successful transitions of currently successful businesses, even if the transition is not to family members.”

Lou Colella, CPA/PFS, CFP, CEPA
 President, Mahoning-Shenango Valley Chapter

The EPI Chapter Network creates a forum where the local community of professional advisors can collaborate and address the unique needs of their community. Chapters develop educational programs for business owners and professional advisors that build awareness and better prepare an owner for the successful exit of their business. The purpose of the EPI Chapter Network is to create, encourage, and foster the adoption of best practices in the exit planning profession. Chapters promote the common interests of business advisors engaged in exit planning.

The EPI Mahoning-Shenango Valley Chapter will host monthly meetings and encourages your ongoing participation. Learn more at If you are interested in more information or if you are an owner interested in attending, please reach out to the Exit Planning Institute Community Coordinator, Jenna Meredith at


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