Recent News: Q3 2019

Recent News: Q3 2019

Staff Highlights: It is with bittersweet emotions we congratulate Ruth Chapman, Director of First Impressions in our Hermitage Office, on her recent retirement. Since 2012, Ruthie has provided friendly front desk assistance to our clients and service teams. While we will certainly miss her warm smile and contagious energy, we know she will continue to spread positivity in all of her new adventures ahead. We wish you a well-deserved, happy and healthy retirement, Ruthie!

New Phishing Scam: A phishing scam that has grown increasingly popular in recent months targets victims via text or SMS (short message service) messages. Commonly referred to as “smishing,” individuals receive a fraudulent text message from what appears to be a legitimate source (such as a bank) to lure them into sharing their account credentials or other personal information. Messages might claim that someone has tried to charge your account and the security department wants to verify the transaction with you. You might also receive a message suggesting that you’ve incurred an unrecognized charge that will be authorized unless you reply to the message.

How You Can Protect Yourself

  • Be extra cautious when responding to text messages or emails from an unknown source. Do NOT click links or provide any personal information to a sender that looks unusual. Rather than clicking links within the message, navigate directly to a provider’s website or mobile app.
  • If you have received a fraudulent text and have NOT acted on the text, you can safely ignore and delete it.
  • When online, confirm you are accessing secure websites. Secure websites begin with “https,” not “http” and are denoted with a padlock icon in the address bar.

We encourage you to continue utilizing your secure, online client portal to send and receive sensitive documents pertaining to your accounts. If you have questions, please contact any member of your JFS service team.

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