Recent News

Recent News

Our team is our single most important asset. We honor their dedication and commitment to the firm and our clients. Our growth mindset drives our passion to always be better and do more.

Promotions and Designations

We’re excited to be announcing the following new promotions and earned designations in our JFS team.

CHUCK ZUZACK, CFP®, CFA® deserves a big congratulations for earning his Chartered Financial Analyst designation, which measures and certifies the competence and integrity of financial analysts by the CFA Institute.

JOSH VASS, has been promoted to Assistant Controller, where he will oversee the day-to-day of the accounting analysts and interns in the accounting department of JFS.

JAMES RILEY, has been promoted to Client Accounting Services Manager, where he responsible for the client billing process, statistical revenue reporting, and assisting with due diligence as it pertains to mergers, acquisitions, and succession solutions.

STEPHEN LINAMEN, has been promoted to Tax Senior, where he responsible for the preparation of tax returns, tax plans, client financial statements, and other various accounting duties.

New Hires

It has been a busy quarter at JFS. We’re excited to be announcing the following new hires to our JFS team. We’re growing and that means building a team that will support us well into the future.

Tiffany Wells, Client Relationship Specialist

Camp Hill
Jesse Tonkay, Client Relationship Specialist

Stephen Szygiel, Wealth Advisor

JFS Wealth Advisors – Awards and Recognitions

JFS Wealth Advisors is delighted to announce that it has been recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of the local area’s largest Money Managers in 2022. JFS has been listed as a Top 10 local firm. Read our firm announcement.

JFS Wealth Advisors has been also been named on Financial Advisor magazine’s Top Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) ranking for 2022. This year JFS ranked 150 out of 534 firms; a higher position than in 2021. Read our firm announcement.

JFS Wealth Advisors – Team Member Anniversaries

JULY 2022

Casie Scott, 2 Years
Josh Vass, 7 Years
Michelle Wright, 9 Years
Manish Upadhyay, 10 Years
Barbara Glover, 17 Years
Debra Meixell, 18 Years


Chuck Zuzak, 1 Year
Constance Amstutz, 5 Years
Kevin Renne, 5 Years
Sara Marsh, 5 Years
Tracy O’Neill, 6 Years
Laura Blaire, 20 Years
Steve Lee, 28 Years


Rachel Bargebuhr, 27 Years
Gary Dalessandro, 24 Years
Veronica Shafer, 1 Year
Nicole O’Connell, 3 Years
Rachel Balentine, 1 Year
Kristin Cooper, 7 Years
Patti Chupak, 14 Years
Greg Klipstein, 2 Years
Tom Wilson, 8 Years
Melanie DeCiancio, 1 Year

Thank You for Your Ongoing Trust!

Thank you for continuing to trust us as we assist those closest to you. Our advisory team remains ready, willing, and able to help any of your friends, family, or business associates in this unusual and challenging environment. If you know someone who may need our help, please speak with your advisor about the best way to connect us.

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