Electronic Delivery Authorization

By executing this document (the “Authorization”) in the space provided below, I hereby authorize JFS Wealth Advisors (“JFS”) to deliver all correspondence, including market updates, regulatory notices, and portfolio reports via electronic delivery.  Below are details regarding electronic delivery, which includes both a secure client portal and email.

Electronic Delivery.  The CLIENT authorizes the ADVISER to deliver, and the CLIENT agrees to accept, all required regulatory notices and disclosures via electronic mail and/or via the ADVISER’s internet website, as well as all other correspondence from the ADVISER. ADVISER shall have completed all delivery requirements upon the forwarding of such document, disclosure, notice and/or correspondence to the CLIENT’s last provided email address (or upon advising the CLIENT via email that such document is available on the ADVISER’s website). Please Note: It is the CLIENT’s obligation to notify the ADVISER, in writing, of any changes to the CLIENT’s email address. Until so notified, the ADVISER shall rely on the last provided email address. The CLIENT acknowledges that the CLIENT has the ongoing ability to receive and open standard electronic mail and corresponding electronic documents. If, at any time, the CLIENT’s electronic delivery situation changes, or the CLIENT is unable to open a specific document, the CLIENT agrees to immediately notify the ADVISER so that the specific issue can be addressed and resolved. Please Also Note: By execution below, the CLIENT releases and holds the ADVISER harmless from any and all claims and/or damages of whatever kind resulting from the ADVISER’s electronic transmission of information, provided that ADVISER has correctly addressed the electronic transmission to the CLIENT and/or other intended recipient.

I/We hereby elect Electronic Delivery of services from JFS Wealth Advisors. These instructions remain in effect unless and until I/we notify JFS Wealth Advisors, in writing, of any change to this authorization.

Please note that selection of electronic delivery includes a JFS client portal for secure document storage and exchange (i.e. upload and download) in addition to electronic delivery of JFS correspondence and performance reports.  This selection does not change your delivery preference with the custodian of your account(s) unless you check the “Custodian” box below.

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