Robert Jazwinski discusses Pennsylvania’s Keystone Saves Program in article for PICPA

In the PICPA article “New Keystone Saves Proposal Offers Retirement Savings Option to All,” Robert Jazwinski discusses Pennsylvania’s innovative Keystone Saves Program. Inspired by recommendations from the Private Sector Retirement Security Task Force, the program targets a crucial issue: over 2 million Pennsylvanians lack access to employer-sponsored retirement plans. With a voluntary and cost-effective approach, Keystone Saves incorporates essential features of well-designed employer plans, including auto-enrollment and compensation deferral with employee opt-out options.

Jazwinski emphasizes the program’s low-cost structure, easing the financial burden on employers, and its broad investment options, providing a viable path for individuals in poverty to engage in long-term wealth-building. Keystone Saves not only enhances individual financial security but also holds the promise of reducing long-term social costs for the state. This article offers valuable insights into the program’s potential to create a more financially resilient Pennsylvania—read more about it for a deeper understanding of Keystone Saves.

Read entire article here.

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