Aging in Place or Move? The Pros and Cons Revealed


Are you or your loved ones deciding whether to remain in a current home as you age or to embark on a journey to finding a new residence? The choice between aging in place and moving can be complex and deeply personal. Numerous factors are to be considered.

In this webinar, join Barbara Glover, CFP®, CCFC,  as she hosts Bode Hennegan – Founder & President of Life Managers, for a webinar on “Should I Stay or Should I Go? Making the Decision to Age in Place or Move.” Bode will cover the key considerations essential for evaluating this crucial decision.

Topics covered include:

  • How to Assess Your Current Home: Understand the practicalities of evaluating whether your current residence can adequately accommodate your needs as you age. 
  • Planning for Interdependence: Learn strategies for navigating interdependence and relinquishing specific responsibilities to ensure a smooth transition. 
  • Financial and Emotional Costs: Gain insight into the financial and emotional implications associated with both aging in place and moving to a new residence. 

Run Time:


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