Navigating Finances After Losing a Spouse


Are you or someone you know navigating the financial complexities that come with losing a spouse? The choice between managing finances on your own or seeking professional guidance can be daunting. Adjusting to a life without your loved one and navigating the financial changes of your life can feel overwhelming without support and understanding. 

In this webinar, Constance Amstutz covers some key considerations essential for managing your finances during this difficult time. Watch more as we explore:

  • Cash Flow & Budgeting: Transitioning from a dual- to a single-income household. 
  • Debt Management: Prioritizing debts and managing finances effectively. 
  • Tax Planning: Understanding changes in tax status and implications. 
  • Estate Planning: Reviewing and updating estate documents. 
  • Insurance/Risk Management: Evaluating existing insurance and filling coverage gaps.


Remember: One foot after the other. That’s how we navigate the complex journey that follows losing a life partner. Here at JFS, we can work through a Now, Next, Later approach—prioritizing what we need to address first, what will come next, and what can wait until later. 

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