Recent News: Q2 2018

Recent News: Q2 2018

Staff Highlights: We are excited to welcome the following new and returning interns joining the JFS team in recent months!

Our returning interns include James Riley, Joe Salmen and Sarah Smith, while new additions to our team include Chad Eisenhooth, Dicoy Powell and Samantha Dickson.  We are fortunate to host these bright students as they gain professional experience in areas of financial planning, tax, accounting and business operations, and wish them the best of luck and great success!

In other exciting news, we’d like to congratulate Client Relationship Specialist, Tiffany Danso, and her husband Bill on the birth of their second child, Andrew. We wish you and your family abundant blessings!

Heightened security measures for authorization of sensitive transactions: Unfortunately, fraudulent attempts to compromise our personal information are becoming increasingly frequent in the financial services industry, among others. Before fulfilling requests for any sensitive transaction, we will now request verbal authentication from you to confirm your identity and the instructions received.

Some of these transactions may include:

  • Setting up new standing instructions for money movement to a bank account.
  • Processing a one-time money movement request of any sort (wire, check request, etc.) where there are no standing instructions on file.
  • When a custodian has notified JFS of an address or email change but the client has not notified JFS of such change.

If you would like to add further protection (e.g. personal password) to your JFS managed accounts, please call a member of your service team to assist you with this process.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us protect the security of your personal data and finances. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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