Recent News: What’s Happening at JFS

Recent News: What’s Happening at JFS
Team News

Our team is our single most important asset. We honor their dedication and commitment to the firm and our clients. Our growth mindset drives our passion to always be better and do more.

Promotions and Designations

We’re excited to be announcing the following new promotions and earned designations in our JFS team.

Constance Amstutz, CFP®, Adam Etzel, J.D., LL.M., and Joseph D. Salmen, CFP® have been promoted to Wealth Advisor. Becoming a financial advisor is a significant milestone in the career of any associate financial advisor. As a financial advisor, each have the opportunity to build stronger relationships with clients, help them plan for their financial future, and make informed investment decisions. This promotion typically comes after a period of continued learning and development, and it is a reflection of their knowledge and dedication to the industry. This promotion is a testament to their hard work and commitment to the profession.

New Hires

It has been a busy quarter at JFS. We’re excited to be announcing the following new hires to our JFS team. We’re growing and that means building a team that will support us well into the future.


Mary Kramer
Client Relationship Specialist


Rob Willis
Retirement Relationship Advisor

JFS Wealth Advisors – Team Member Anniversaries

APRIL 2023

Tiffany Danso – 7 Years
Stephanie Foltz – 13 Years
Adam Etzel – 1 Year
Gina Beach – 3 Years
Debbie Hodium – 11 Years

MAY 2023

Kira Chambers – 1 Year
Ryan Santillo – 1 Year
Jen Johns – 1 Year
Joe Millard – 1 Year
Jackie Palm – 1 Year
Morgan Ramsey – 2 Years
Austin Sambuco – 4 Years
James Riley – 5 Years
Joseph Salmen – 5 Years
Lisa Shanefield – 6 Years
Sarah Amey – 12 Years
Erin Steele – 15 Years

JUNE 2023

Lew Davis – 2 Years
John Sciarrone – 3 Years
Lisa Debonis – 4 Years
Ryan Tiesi – 4 Years
Sean Gibbon – 7 Years
Ted Rhinehart – 7 Years

Thank You for Your Ongoing Trust!

Thank you for continuing to trust us as we assist those closest to you. Our advisory team remains ready, willing, and able to help any of your friends, family, or business associates in this unusual and challenging environment. If you know someone who may need our help, please speak with your advisor about the best way to connect us.

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